Thursday, May 10, 2012

My King in Spring

When I inherited this statue of the Infant of Prague, a devotion I've reconnected with over the past five years, I also inherited gilt lace coats, two for the different seasons, frightfully tattered and faded.  Somehow I think little Jesus looks a bit smothered in these particular garments, but I am touched by their homemade attempts at finery.  So I tend to keep him in his simple painted surplice on the bookshelf by my bed.  I couldn't resist giving him a scarf of Indian cotton -- it should really be a stole, but the fold around his neck hides the crack that beheaded him last year.  The casual style reminds me a bit of the Little Prince, and that's not altogether a bad thing, is it?  So there he stands, with a wine bottle of holy water (I love the vintage sleeve), a clay candle from Europe, a gourd box from Mexico, a bird photo frame from a friend, and a bookend we have christened St. Benedict. Prince of Peace, bring peace to our world.

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Nicole Stallworth said...

I love seeing the different pictures of your family altar--I remember one with a framed picture, with several figurines kneeling around...

The eclectic look just seals the deal. Worth emulating.