Friday, May 04, 2012

Reasons for Hope

My husband grew up on a small strawberry farm.  For years, he and his ten siblings worked the fields every summer, picking massive or miniature berries to sell to strangers passing down their road.  He knows how to grow strawberries. Yet somehow he and I have never managed to include strawberries in our garden.  They are an "investment" plant -- you plant, you wait a year, you hope -- and somehow during that year of waiting, we have always managed to mess up -- whether by failing to water or moving to a new house. 

We finally planted last summer. Last year was the waiting year.  This year, with its unusually warm winter, is the fruiting year.  The plants are large and lush.  Our children are anticipating a fruitful summer.  We hope their hope, long tested, pays off.

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Lisa said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful.