Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Cat Drinking Cream

The other day, I spotted one of our cats, Hotaru (his name is Japanese for 'firefly,' and it suits him!), helping himself to the cream pitcher. Since the cream is from our own cow, I can understand his enjoyment. I was also fortunate to have my phone on hand to record his somewhat covert theft for posterity.

Hotaru is the friendliest and most playful cat in our home, the Black Cat Inn. He literally wears a "heart" on his sleeve (his black shoulder spot is in the shape of a heart) and he tends to spread joy wherever he stalks.


M. Emily said...

I am so happy that you have resumed posting, Regina!

Will you tell me the name of the music in the background of this little video? It sounds lovely!!

regina doman said...

It is one of Manheim Steamroller's Christmas CDs, some of our family's favorite Christmas music.