Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Random Moment of Beauty: Washing Lampshades

In am attempt to curb my dust allergies which are troubling me during the winter season of indoor living, I decided to deep-clean my bedroom, and finally gathered up the courage to wash my lampshades. I had been afraid they would be ruined by dousing them in a bath of mild detergent but behold! They survived and are drying nicely on strings over the tub.

Admiring their beauty even in this temporary setting reminds me once more of the importance of having even the most practical components of your house be things you believe to be beautiful. It encourages in you the poverty of taking care of what you have instead of tossing it in favor of something new. It discourages unhealthy updating, and brings about contentment and gratitude. I still remember picking out the red checked shades at Target years ago, and they still bring me joy.

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Gwyn Powers said...

Lovely. You are right about the importance of liking what you own. It is so easy to keep buying new. Most of my household goods were in storage for 9 months. When things were unpacked it was so good to see the things I loved but easier to let go of some things that no longer had meaning.