Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reorganized Office

I had to do some photography this morning, and I thought I would take a picture of my recently-reorganized office. We installed shelves made by The Strong Oaks Woodshop, but not on my side of the office. However, this allowed me to have more space on my desk, which is now beneath the round "Hobbit window," our single splurge when we built the addition some years ago.

Yesterday's trip to the Salvation Army yielded some office enhancements for the princely sum of $3.65: wooden document trays, a little red metal tub for correspondence, and curtain panels, two for a dollar.  I love the salvaged lamp with shade spray-painted brown by my daughter, the picture of Blessed John Paul which the Pope sent to us from the Vatican in 1994 in response to receiving our wedding invitation, and baskets and tins of small toys to entertain my children when they make official visits (every 45 minutes or so). 

A close perusal of the desk (click on the photo to see) might inform the viewer that I have yet to correct typos on Rapunzel Let Down (in anticipation of the hardcover edition) or another manuscript, that I am revising our wholesale catalog, as well as revealing my source of inspiration for our website redesign. The black cat speakers do not work as well as I hoped, but I have a hard time surrendering them. 

And of course, there is always a cup of tea close at hand. (The biscotti are on the other side of the computer.)  

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Aspirer said...

So cool that the pope sent you that picture! And I'm so excited to read Rapunzel Let Down, by the way. God bless!