Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Season of Little Christmas

Our family calls the days between Epiphany and Candlemas the season of "little Christmas."  During the days of Little Christmas, we still sing Christmas carols before morning prayers, wear red sweaters (my husband continues to sport  his Santa Claus hat), nurse along the Christmas tree if it's still thriving (this year's spruce is still going strong), and enjoy our Nativity scene and festive garlands. 

Baby Jesus remains the center of Little Christmas. The several images of Him around the house, such as this one owned by the little girls, bring Him to mind, reminding us yet again that The Lord of all Creation was a tiny child who waved tiny hands in the air, nursed and needed changing, was cold and sometimes cried, and many times smiled at the wonders around Him... And yet was still God. This little God, so great in His smallness, could be carried about and cuddled by another child, the very children He had made... The mysteries go on and on. So as the dark days of winter continue, we in our family are grateful for little Jesus, and the small lights of little Christmas.

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