Toys With Lots of Bits...

Playmobil figures are great for encouraging creativity. But they're plastic. :( And they have more eensy-weensy fiddly-bits than the Barbie Shoe-and-Accessories Mall. :( :( And since our family was bequeathed a large amount of Playmobil sets by a homeschooling family whose kids had all "graduated" to college -- I have lots of Playmobil.

My solution has been to put the Playmobil (and other toys like legos and the miniature brick set and the marble-ramp set) in large decorative popcorn tins and display them in sight but out of reach (they line the top of our current kitchen cabinets). On a rainy day or when the mood strikes, we clear off the kitchen table, bring a chosen tin down, and let the kids go to town playing with the contents. Since a great deal of the fun of these sorts of toys derives from having lots of them (or having all the parts), I put them all the pieces back in the tin when the kids are done and store them back, out of reach. So far it's been a great solution. And because the tins are NOT clearly labeled, I think the kids forget they're there between-times. So 90% of the time, the Playmobil storage bin is kitchen decoration. :)
Works for us.


What a great idea for using those popcorn tins! Sounds like real winner for our collection of plastic baby dolls and accessories that Santa brought and my little girl adores.
Brenda said…
OK-so I actually googled something about playmobil storage and found this post! Too funny...

My girls got Playmobil stuff for Christmas and now I NEED to find a solution because oh my word they are worse than Polly Pockets!!!

This gave me a good idea so thanks!

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