Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hot Breakfast on a Cold Morning

Since spring is really, truly coming at last, the winter mornings where we made breakfast on the woodstove in the morning are numbered. At times I get impatient with not having "real" central heat. But I have to admit there's nothing better than a roaring fire on a cold morning, with the smell of breakfast cooking slowly on the woodstove cooktop. On some mornings it's just browned sausage and tea, but other mornings we have eggs, fried potatoes, and pancakes as well, as on this morning. (Note the already-coooked sausage balanced atop of the tea kettle, a homey method of keeping things hot on a crowded stove!)


Laura said...

Your children will have such wonderful memories of their youth in such happy home :)

elena maria vidal said...

I grew up with a woodstove and indeed there is nothing like a roaring fire on a cold morning. I would be awakened every morning to the sound of my dad getting the firs started.

Mary Catherine said...

My family and I use a wood stove for heat, but someday I want to have a house where I have a wood stove for cooking too. I don't know how that's going to work with the Oklahoma summer - maybe I'll just have two stoves.