Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Brunch 2010

One of the highlights of every Christmas morning is brunch, cooked by my husband. After returning from Mass, he slices potatoes into tiny chunks and fries them to a delectable golden brown, then serves them with thickly-sliced mushrooms and onions, a dish we term "Narnian Home Fries" because it reminds us of Shasta's breakfast with the dwarves in The Horse and His Boy. Sausage and Portugese salilio bread completed the brunch, along with the necessity of tea. My eldest daughter cooked a Yule log cake and garnished it with meringue mushrooms, a confection she's been perfecting, aided by our family's recent acquisition of a stand-up Kitchen Aid mixer.
My Christmas breakfast duty is setting the table, which I always do the night before. This year I decorated our large wooden lazy susan with boxwood branches, silk white roses, wooden hearts, and red ribbon to make a impromtu Christmas tree as the centerpiece. A stroke of luck gifted us with two red-and-white checked twin sheets which together created a covering for our massive table. A brown runner and a length of ribbon completed the ensemble. Silver serving dishes, plain white plates, and embroidered napkins from my favorite antique store were complemented by our everyday teacups and Sunday silverware. Mixing old and new to create holiday centerpieces is one of my favorite parts of Christmas day, and I confess I look forward to that as much as I look forward to my husband's homefries. May God bless you this Christmas season!


Anonymous said...

Lovely! How did you build the tiered centerpiece?

Amy said...

Beautiful!! I enjoy setting a pretty table for the season as well.

Anonymous said...

Just lovely!

molly said...

how great you all made meringue mushrooms. My Siena has made them several times, they are a hit where ever we take them.