Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Easter Basket Tour 2014: Little Girl's Easter Basket

Sugar and spice and everything nice -- here's some ideas for a sweet basket for a little girl. I started with a colorful cotton napkin from the thrift store that could easily become a tablecloth for a doll's picnic, and added a doll-size picnic tin full of colorful chocolates. Chenille chicks from the dollar store and a secondhand bunny rabbit find a new nest in the rustic wicker basket, along with an fun adventure from Chesterton Press: misfit nuns who solve mysteries: The Sisters of the Last Straw!  I included the first book, The Case of the Haunted Chapel, but the second adventure, The Case of the Missing Novice should be available for Easter ordering!

 Plastic eggs hide more treats, but also a homemade rosary ring of wooden beads.

 Obscure patron saint? No problem! Google, download and print a pretty image of the saint that bears your daughter's name and glue to an inexpensive plaque from the craft store with Modge Podge or white glue. Decorate with embellishments and attach a hanger.  St. Joan is admittedly easy to find pictures of, (though I love this atypical medieval image of the girl warrior), but by the same method, I created a matching plaque for my daughter of St. Paula, whose adventurous story (conversion, sea travel to foreign lands, and translating the Bible!) is undeservedly neglected these days.

And speaking of saint's names, if you're looking for more story choices for a young girl reader, don't forget the Zita the Spacegirl series, by Angel in the Waters artist Ben Hatke, also available from Chesterton Press! (Fun trivia: Ben's Zita is named for St. Zita, who was a distant ancestor of his wife's!)

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9peasMom said...

I love all the Easter basket ideas - am pinning them for future reference!