Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Easter Basket Tour 2014: Teen Boy Easter Basket

For a teenage boy's basket, you might put in such necessaries as a iPhone case or earbuds, but don't overlook the power of print media, especially in the form of good Catholic fiction.

For this basket, I included The Shadow of the Bear, which has become a guy favorite. (If your teen doesn't have time to read, consider getting him the Shadow of the Bear audio drama, four hours of listening adventure for only $9.00.)  And for Catholic apologetics and an overall good story, I recommend Book 4 of John Paul 2 High, Undercover Papist, in which class nerd Brian Burke goes to Bible camp to persuade the most popular girl in his small high school to return to the Catholic faith. Not to be missed!

Both of these titles are available in three of the most popular eBook formats on our site.And I can't resist including a classic challenging book by G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man, the book which helped C.S. Lewis become a Christian, and which has inspired countless others.

Other gifts for teen guys? A jar of gourmet jelly beans might be appreciated as well as the irony of a chocolate rubber duckie. A purple cowboy bandanna is an Easter-basket liner that's actually useful, and for break times, what about a teacup and some bags of really good tea?  Guys drink tea too: remember Fish.

What about an everyday rosary of wooden beads? And consider putting in a Resurrection-themed Mass card (this one is from Marytown). Guys need prayers, too, and a thoughtful note to that effect might just mean more than you know!

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